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Testing & Renewing

We can test and analyze just about every type of battery on site. We can test your car or truck battery right in the vehicle and perform quick, no-cost analysis of boat, bike, ATV, heavy equipment, and deep cycle batteries while you wait. We can also tell you if your cell phone or watch battery needs charging or replacing and we can service and renew NiCd and NiMH battery packs like those found in cordless tools. Many of these batteries develp a memory or are subject to sulfation. Our specialized equipment can bring many of these batteries back to life allowing them to be charged again at a huge savings over replacement….


Got a piece of equipment that you cannot find a replacement for? We can rebuild most types of rechargeable battery packs on site. Call or email for more information or a quote.

Solar Systems

We supply 6 and 12 volt deep-cycle batteries that are specifically designed for solar powered storage applications. Call or drop by with your requirements and let us help you in planning battery bank tailored to your specific off-grid system. We can also install and/or replace your existing storage batteries for you.

Recycle Depot

As part of our committment to the environment and re-cycling, we are a full-service battery depot. We accept every type of battery as well as cell phones and their batteries at no charge.