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Peg Perego Polaris RZR 900 IGOD0066

 Polaris RZR 900 Red

The new Polaris® RZR 900 is the perfect riding vehicle for kids who want to have fun!

They'll drive around the yard in their own RZR, hauling everything imaginable in their large sport bed with tie-down anchors. The innovative multi-position Smart Pedal accelerator provides smooth driving, automatic brakes and increased riding time. The 2-speed shifter with reverse allows them to drive at 2½ or 5 mph / 4 to 8 kph on grass, dirt or hard surfaces. Parents will appreciate the adjustable bucket seats for growing children and the 5 mph / 8 kph lockout that prevents beginners from going too fast.

  • 2-Speeds                       2.5 or 5 mph / 4 kph to 8 kph on grass, dirt or hard surfaces
  •                                         Hi Speed lockout for beginners
  • Reverse                          Switches easily to reverse mode, just like the real deal
  • Smart                             Pedal Accelerator and automatic brakes for longer riding time
  • Cargo                              Large sport bed with tie-down anchors.
  • Wheels                           Super traction wheels for grass, dirt, gravel or hard surfaces
  • Room to Grow              Adjustable bucket seats for growing kids
  • Add a Friend                 Side-by-side seats for two passengers.
  • Weight Capacity          Can hold up to 130 lbs / 58 kg (total for both riders)

Ranger RZR Red 5 Ranger RZR Red 4 Ranger RZR Red 3 Ranger RZR Red 2



Suggested Retail Price: $579.00

Battery Battery Price: $499.00

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