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FAYTX14AH Interstate Cycle-Tron Plus Factory-Activated AGM Battery - Battery Battery » Products Page » Vehicle Batteries » ATV & Snowmobile » FAYTX14AH Interstate Cycle-Tron Plus Factory-Activated AGM Battery

       Fully charged and ready to use !

  • Factory-Activated Battery comes from the manufacturer completely charged and sealed and can be mounted at virtually any angle without spilling, leaks or water to check. JUST PLUG AND PLAY!!!
  • Lead calcium technology means the high performance AGM generates more power

5 5/16 X 3 1/2 X 6 7/16  (length X width X height)



 FAYTX14AH fits the following vehicles;

Arctic Cat 366cc 366 (2008-2011)
Arctic Cat 400cc All Models All Years
Arctic Cat 400cc All Models(exc. DVX) (1998-2005)
Arctic Cat 400cc TRV400 (2006-2011)
Arctic Cat 500cc All Models (1999-2009)
Arctic Cat 650cc 4x4 Automatic (2004-2006)
Arctic Cat 650cc 650H1, TBX650 (2007-2011)
Arctic Cat 700cc 700 (2006-2011)
Arctic Cat Bear Cat 340, 440 (1995-2000)
Arctic Cat Jag Liquid 1996
Arctic Cat Jag Z 1994
Arctic Cat Jag, Jag DiX (1994-1999)
Arctic Cat Panther (1994-1996)
Arctic Cat Panther 340 (1997-2000)
Arctic Cat Panther 370 (2001-2007)
Arctic Cat Panther 440 (1997-2003)
Arctic Cat Puma (1994-1996)
Arctic Cat Z (1998-2001)
Arctic Cat Z 370, 440 (2002-2007)
Ariens/Gravely Models: RER10/28 Hydro, RER12/32 Hydro, RER14/40 Hydro All Years
Ariens/Gravely Models: RM1328E, RM1332E, RM1330, RM8028, RM8530 All Years
Bimota 900cc DB2, DB2 Final Edition (1993-1997)
Bimota 900cc Tesi (1991-1995)
Bombardier (BRP), Can Am 200cc Rally (2002-2006)
Honda 200cc ATC Big Red (1982-1984)
Honda 200cc ATC M (1984-1985)
Honda 200cc TRX FourTrax 1984
Honda 650cc CX650C Custom 1983
Honda 700cc VF700C Magna (1984-1986)
Honda 700cc VF700F Interceptor (1984-1985)
Honda 700cc VT700C Shadow (1986-1987)
Honda 750cc CB750 Nighthawk (1991-2003)
Honda 750cc VF750C V45 Magna (1982-1983)
Honda 750cc VF750F V45 Interceptor (1983-1984)
Honda 800cc VT800C Shadow 1988
Kawasaki 220cc KLF220-A Bayou (1988-2002)
Kawasaki 220cc KLF220-A Bayou (Canada) (1992-2002)
Kawasaki 250cc KLF250-A Bayou (2003-2013)
Kawasaki 250cc KLF250-A Bayou 250 (Canada) (2003-2005)
Kawasaki 300cc KEF300-A Lakota (1995-2000)
Kawasaki 300cc KEF300-A, B Lakota Sport (2001-2003)
Kawasaki 300cc KLF300-B Bayou (1988-2004)
Kawasaki 300cc KLF300-C Bayou 300 4x4 (1989-2004)
Kawasaki 300cc KVF300-A Prairie 300, 4x4 (1999-2002)
Kawasaki 300cc KVF300-B Prairie 300, 4x4 (1999-2002)
Kawasaki 360cc KVF360-A,B,C Prairie 360 4x4 (2003-2013)
Kawasaki 400cc KVF400-A Prairie 400 4x4 (1997-2000)
Kawasaki 400cc KVF400-B Prairie 400 4x4 (1998-2000)
Kawasaki 400cc KVF400-C Prairie 400 4x4 (1999-2002)
Kawasaki 400cc KVF400-D Prairie 400 4x4 (1999-2002)
Kawasaki KAF300, Mule 500, 520, 550 (2003-2013)
Kawasaki KAF400, Mule 600, 610 (2005-2013)
Polaris 250cc All Models (1985-2005)
Polaris 300cc Hawkeye, Sportsman (2006-2010)
Polaris 325cc All Models (1987-2002)
Polaris 330cc Magnum, Trail Boss (2003-2013)
Polaris 335cc Sportsman (1998-2001)
Polaris 400cc All Models (1994-2013)
Polaris 400cc Sportsman (2011-2013)
Polaris 425cc All Models (1995-2002)
Polaris 450cc Diesel Secondary Battery (1999-2003)
Polaris 500cc Sportsman H.O. (1996-2013)
Polaris 500cc Models (Excluding Predator, Sportsman) (1999-2013)
Polaris 544cc Trail, Trail Touring All Years
Polaris 550cc Sportsman ESP,XP (2010-2013)
Polaris 600cc IQ Touring All Years
Polaris All Elect Start KITS 1994 to 2005 (1994-2005)
Polaris All Other Models (1992-2005)
Suzuki 250cc LT-4WD QuadRunner (1987-1999)
Suzuki 250cc LT-F250 QuadRunner (1988-2001)
Suzuki 250cc LT-F250F QuadRunner (1999-2002)
Suzuki 280cc LT-F4WDX KingQuad (1991-1999)
Suzuki 300cc LT-F300F KingQuad (1999-2002)
Suzuki 300cc LT-F4WDX KingQuad (1999-2002)
Suzuki 300cc LT300E QuadRunner 300E (1987-1989)
Yamaha 200cc YFM200DX Moto 4 (1985-1989)
Yamaha 200cc YTM200, E, ER Tri Moto (1983-1985)
Yamaha 225cc YFM225 Moto 4 (1986-1988)
Yamaha 225cc YTM225DR Tri-Moto (1983-1986)
Yamaha 225cc YTM225DX Tri-Moto (1983-1986)
Yamaha 230cc YFU-1/T Pro-Hauler 1989
Yamaha 250cc YFM250 Bear Tracker (1999-2004)
Yamaha 250cc YFM250 Moto 4 (1989-1991)
Yamaha 250cc YFM250B Big Bear (2007-2013)
Yamaha 250cc YFM250B Bruin (2005-2006)
Yamaha 350cc YFM350B Bruin (2004-2006)
Yamaha 350cc YFM350ER Moto 4 (1987-1995)
Yamaha 350cc YFM350F, U, W Big Bear 4WD (1987-1999)
Yamaha 350cc YFM350FX Wolverine (2006-2010)
Yamaha 350cc YFM350G, FG Grizzly (2007-2013)
Yamaha 350cc YFM350U Big Bear 2WD (1987-1999)
Yamaha 350cc YFP350 TerraPro 1988
Yamaha 400cc YFM400FG Grizzly (2007-2008)
Yamaha 400cc YFM400FW Kodiak (1993-1995)
Yamaha 400cc YFM400FW Kodiak/Automatic (2003-2006)
Yamaha 450cc YFM450FG Grizzly (2007-2013

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